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Returns & Refund Policy

PAL Viva encourages Consumers to buy products that you need on a subscription basis. In this way, products are sent to you on a 3 monthly basis, and ensure you do not run out unexpectedly. 

This also helps to ensure that the innovative Health Supplement products are always fresh and also avoid a situation of poor storage conditions before consumption. Poor storage conditions can adversely affect the efficacy of the innovative Health Supplement products.

To be considered for a stock return for refund, the following conditions apply

  1. Inspect and check your products on receipt and check your requirements and qualifications for return and refund.
  2. All Health Supplement return for refund requests will only be considered if the product is unused, unopened, and in the original packaging. 
  3. All Health Supplement refund request must be bought (exact same product) with the specific invoice within the last 14 days. If PAL Viva discover upon checking the returned products that the products were not the same as that bought within the last 14 days – PAL Viva reserves the right to refuse refund.
  4. Please send an email to with the subject line “Request for Refund”.

PAL Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd
Return Products Quality Control Department
32 Pekin Street
#05-01 Far East Square
Singapore 048762

** PAL Viva is the E-Commerce business unit of PAL Solutions Pte Ltd

  1. All return for refund must be received at PAL Solutions office above within 14 days of receipt of the delivery acceptance date
  2. Return shipping charges will be the responsibility of the consumer and the stock + return slip must be received within 14 days of the purchase invoice. 
  3. Upon receipt of the returned products and completed return slip, a PAL Viva Quality Control representative will contact you to confirm the status/approval of the good return and refund. 
  4. PAL Viva reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the return goods for refund, if the goods are inspected and found to be not bought directly from PAL Viva directly by the consumer (we do not accept returns of goods bought through another consumer or other indirect channel), not bought through the stated invoice within the last 14 days, product or packaging has been tempered-with and unsuitable for resale or restocking, or through inspection the product has been found to be stored/handled in a inappropriate manner (not according to PAL Viva storage conditions). In such an event, PAL Viva reserves the right to refuse refund. The owner of the return products can arrange to pick up the products at PAL Viva office at his or her own expense. All such returns which are not claimed with 3 months will be destroyed by PAL Viva, and no correspondence regarding the return of such products will be entered into. 
  5. A restocking fee of S$10.00 will be charged for every item/bottle/pack of product accepted for return and refund.  
  6. All approved refunds will have the final value credit back to the consumer registered credit card within 60 days of approval. Consumer will need to maintain a valid customer account + an active credit card in PAL Viva system to receive the refund.
  7. PAL Viva reserve the right to destroy, without notification, credit, exchange or return to the customer, and product that does not confirm to the above policy.
  8. PAL Viva reserves the right to modify this policy in its discretion without advance notice.

Updated December 23, 2020

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32 Pekin Street #05-01 Far East Square Singapore 048762

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